Alexandra and Christian’s wedding

Alexandra and Christian’s wedding

Αλεξανδρα Λεκκου
Κατηγορία καμπάνιας:  Στιγμές
Λήγει στις:  29/09/2018
ΣΤΟΧΟΣ €3.000
Η καμπάνια έχει λήξει
Λίγα λόγια για την καμπάνια

With the occasion of our wedding, we would like to ask you join us in supporting ActionAid’s effort for building a school classroom in Muvungu village in Rwanda!

More than 600 children are going to the school in Muvungu. The school has only 6 classrooms and some of them in a very bad condition. One of the classrooms was recently destroyed due to the very bad weather conditions. The children were lucky, they weren't there.

This classroom we are asking you to support rebuilt it and make the children happy again!
Every donation counts! Every donation can make the difference!

Thank you in advance!

Δωρητές καμπάνιας
  • Great project.
    Christian Ramsoy
  • Είμαι ήδη ανάδοχος. Εκτιμώ το έργο της ΑΑ.
    Βασίλης Ζορμπάς
  • να ζήσετε ευτυχισμένοι και να απλώνετε παντού τη χρυσόσκονή σας!!!
    Persefoni Kyritsi
  • Βασίλης Κανάκης
  • Charis Perdikari
  • Alexandra and Christians wedding
    Αντιγόνη Ζορμπά
  • Christian and Aleaxandra wedding
    Kostas Kotsialos
  • Χάρης Λέκκος
  • Christina Chanou
  • Congratulations for your wedding and for your campaigns! We wish you much love, joy and happiness in your new journey! Elena & Panos
    Elena Barla
  • Congratulations on your wedding! Be happy together forever :) Mihalis - Afroditi - Sofia
    Afroditi Meni
  • Στο ταξίδι της ζωής να είστε πάντα χαρούμενοι κι ευτυχισμένοι! Θείτσα
    Κατερίνα Ζορμπά
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